Director's Notes: Christmas generosity on display at CCS


It is the afternoon of Dec. 15, and I am sitting in my office taking a breath after a very busy week and pondering what is sitting in front of me.

At the moment, my office looks a lot more like Santa's workshop than anything else. There are 10 baskets of food and bags of presents for some of our families. What is truly special is where these baskets are coming from.

One of our families made a decision this year to cut back on their own Christmas spending and instead use some of their money to care for other families who may not be as fortunate as they are. What makes it really special is that their children, some of my students, are the ones choosing to give up some of their Christmas to benefit others.

I am flooded with emotion as I think about kindness, integrity, discipline and service and how these students and this family are truly living out the principles that we hope to instill in all our students here at CCS.

It gets better. As I understand it, by the middle of this week, my office will be overflowing with additional donations coming in from other families, our friends at Crosby Ironton Transportation, Christmas for Kids and Operation Sandwich.

And I just get to sit here and watch it all happen.

Education can at times be very trying, draining, frustrating and painful as we work through the challenges of educating our youth with less than desired resources, far too many mandates and life stressors that we bring with us from outside of school.

At the same time, there may not be a more rewarding profession than that of an educator.

I spent a number of hours over the last two weeks in our classrooms observing my teachers in action. Not only did I witness some wonderful teaching strategies, I also watched students interact with their teachers and one another in some pretty amazing ways. The most impressive display may have come from our kindergarten students as they constructed and decorated gingerbread houses (without eating them first)!

This is also a time of year that I like to say thank you: To my dedicated staff whom I demand a great deal from, to our parents for sharing their kids with us and to those who are donating to our other families to make Christmas special.

I also want to extend a very special thank you to the folks with the LAKE Foundation and all of the generous donors who are making our new school building a reality!

I would like to wish all of our CCS family, friends and community all the best this holiday season.

Thank you all.