Crosslake Community School has begun recruiting for an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow for the 2016-17 school year, a position the Minnesota Alliance With Youth awarded the school.

The Promise Fellow is someone who will provide additional help to students who need it, focusing primarily on grades 6-10.

"The fellow will work with up to 30 students who meet criteria based on poor attendance, needing behavior interventions or being behind in their courses," CCS Dean of Students Stacy Bender said. "The fellow's responsibilities are to help improve in those areas and see overall engagement with school. That could be ... providing resources to families about why attendance at school is important and why graduation is important."

Bender hopes the addition of the promise fellow will highlight the importance of education in the community and help students and families to see high school graduation not "as an end but more of a beginning to really opening the door to future decisions."

Although the student-teacher ratio at CCS is already low, Bender said the promise fellow will still be an asset as someone who can sit down one-on-one with students who don't understand the material or have been absent without affecting the other students.

The AmeriCorps Promise Fellow is provided by a federal program that requires certain guidelines to be met when choosing someone for the position. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. Bender said she would ideally like to hire someone with at least a two-year Associate's degree, but that isn't necessarily a requirement.

After CCS chooses someone to fill the position, the candidate must go through AmeriCorps' hiring process before being offered the job.

Interested applicants should contact Bender at