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She disappeared in 1995, now woman's daughters make a plea for more information in case

Becky Jo Look

HALLOCK, Minn.—The daughters of Becky Jo Look pleaded with the public for help in finding their mother nearly 23 years after she disappeared.

In a video posted by the Kittson County Sheriff's Office on Friday, Aug. 31, Look's daughters, Laura and Misty, said they feared the worst after her disappearance, but they're "more hopeful than ever before" because of renewed interest in the case.

For 22 years, there was only silence. Kittson County Sheriff Steve Porter said the case was not investigated and went cold.

"Despite our efforts and that of the authorities over the years, we've never had an answer," the daughters said in the video.

In April, the women promised their grandmother before she died that they'd keep searching for Look.

Porter and Chief Deputy Matt Vig decided to look back at the case earlier this year to see if anything had been missed. Porter said he was astounded by holes in the investigation.

Look disappeared in 1995 from Halma in northwestern Minnesota, a small town just a half-hour south of Manitoba border and half-hour east of the North Dakota state line. She supposedly left to be closer to family in Albuquerque, N.M., but never showed up. She was reported missing four months later.

Her family said they never knew she was moving and friends told Porter they were confused that Look didn't say goodbye.

She was living with her former boyfriend, Todd Spilde, before she disappeared.

Porter said the case was not investigated properly and it's clear Look, who was 41 when she disappeared, never made it out of Kittson County.

New leads emerged in the cold case after Porter and Vig reached out to the public on Facebook to search for clues.

Investigators used a backhoe to dig up a cattle pasture after a woman talked with officials about something her now-deceased son had drunkenly told her decades ago. The son allegedly told her he'd helped dispose of a body, but the woman questioned his credibility because he'd been so intoxicated.

The search didn't turn up a body, but Porter and Vig said they're far from finished with the investigation.

Porter said in the Facebook video that he believes someone in the community has more information.

"I'm convinced that if he (the son) was drunk and he told his mom, he's told more people—he's told people that are close to him," Porter said.

Look's daughters also urged the public to come forward with any information. Porter said people may not have come forward 22 years ago with information because there was a lack of media attention about Look's disappearance. He said they shouldn't be scared to share new information now—the family just wants answers.

"Becky was a mom, she was a daughter. She was a sister and an aunt. She is now a grandmother to eight beautiful grandchildren," one daughter said.

"If you think that there may be some little piece of information that you have, no matter how small, it could be very important," they said. "And we are just desperate to finally have some closure to what has really been a mystery to our entire family and a heartbreak for our grandmother, who we had always hoped would have some answers before she passed away."