Crow Wing County Sheriff Scott Goddard wants to make the public aware of a recent scam taking place in the area. This scam is identical to one that was taking place a year ago.

One day last week, the sheriff's office received four separate reports of a male calling area residents stating there is a warrant for their arrest and instructing the person on how to pay by credit, debit or cash card to avoid being arrested.

This scam may appear to be realistic, as the caller uses the name of a local licensed peace officer. If you receive this type of call, simply hang up. Incidents such as these should be reported to the sheriff's office by calling 218-829-4749.

Goddard reminds everyone that these scams can seem very real. The sheriff's office will not call you seeking payment. It is not advisable to provide personal information over the phone unless you are making a phone call to a known business, government agency or other organization.