Area students awarded academic honors at Minnesota State Community and Technical College

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Minnesota State Community and Technical College has named 735 students to its President's List and 688 students to its Dean's List for the 2020 spring semester.

Students on the President's List completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester, and earned a grade point average of 4.0.

Students on the Dean's List completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester, and earned a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99.

Area students named to the M State President's List and Dean's List are:

Hometown, Name, Honors



  • Melissa Hammer, President's List
  • Madeline Rutherford, President's List


  • Anna Downie, President's List


  • Anna Chapp, Dean's List
  • Ashley Miller, President's List
  • Samuel Miller, President's List


  • Madelline Becker, Dean's List
  • Jordan Christenson, President's List


  • Jennifer Lasar, President's List


  • Riley Backstrom, President's List
  • Christopher Churchill, President's List
  • Amanda Hamblin, President's List
  • Caleb Landin, Dean's List
  • Molly Pierce, President's List
  • Bryce Wise, President's List

Breezy Point

  • John Marchwick, President's List



  • Jenna Bain, Dean's List
  • Brendan Emery, President's List
  • MaKenna Hegseth, Dean's List
  • Tate Johnson, Dean's List
  • Thomas Koval, Dean's List
  • Jessah Longbella, Dean's List
  • Rochelle Rech, Dean's List

Cass Lake

  • Darren Springer, Dean's List


  • Carol Nelson, President's List


  • Kobe Ahonen, President's List


  • John Engstrom, Dean's List


  • Joshua Hite, Dean's List


  • Angela Johnson, President's List
  • Abram Regier, President's List

Lake Shore

  • Andrew Hunstiger, Dean's List

Long Prairie


  • Oren Gamradt, President's List
  • Nichole Lafreniere, President's List


  • Joseph Pinski, Dean's List


  • Anne Beldo, Dean's List
  • Jaclyn Bloomquist, Dean's List
  • Cassandra Brauch, Dean's List
  • Karmen Clark, Dean's List
  • Kendra Dresow, President's List
  • Corey Haataja, President's List
  • Kate Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Megan Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Tara Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Brendan Hillstrom, Dean's List
  • Gretchen Hillukka, Dean's List
  • Makayla Hillukka, President's List
  • Liisa Honga, President's List
  • Joshua Hunter, President's List
  • Samantha Jewel, Dean's List
  • Chad Karvonen, President's List
  • Jerry Kimball, President's List
  • Katie Krey, Dean's List
  • Jenna Lahti, President's List
  • Aimee Lake, President's List
  • Annie Lake, Dean's List
  • Niina Lake, President's List
  • Cassy Makela, Dean's List
  • Kelsey Makela, President's List
  • Abby Miska, President's List
  • Caleb Mostrom, Dean's List
  • Stephanie Myers, Dean's List
  • Charles Peeters, Dean's List
  • Scott Petersen, President's List
  • Sean Petersen, President's List
  • Martha Peterson, Dean's List
  • David Pietila, President's List
  • Jessica Pietila, Dean's List
  • Robert Pietila, Dean's List
  • Brett Pinoniemi, President's List
  • Rena Pinoniemi, Dean's List
  • Connie Saari, Dean's List
  • Kieler Skaro, President's List
  • Julia Skoog, Dean's List
  • Mariah Skoog, President's List
  • Tina Skoog, Dean's List
  • Tricia Skoog, President's List
  • Janie Tormanen, President's List
  • Madison Womble, President's List


  • Joshua Mienert, Dean's List


  • Nicholas Franzen, Dean's List
  • Erica Johnson, President's List
  • Eric Kossan, President's List
  • Samantha Mrazek, President's List

Pequot Lakes

  • Julia Teich, President's List


  • Robert King, President's List
  • Bobbi Loucks, Dean's List
  • Ethan Neitzke, Dean's List

Pine River

  • Crystal Hutchins, Dean's List
  • Keara Sawyer, President's List
  • Aaron Schrupp, Dean's List
  • Zackery Tulenchik, Dean's List



  • Kaila Current, Dean's List


  • Joelle Bounds, President's List
  • Madison Bullock, Dean's List
  • Maggie Erickson, President's List
  • Hailey Ewert, President's List
  • Ashley Frame, Dean's List
  • Moriah Frame, President's List
  • Nathan Granroth, President's List
  • Bailey Haman, Dean's List
  • Mason Heino, President's List
  • Haley Hoemberg, Dean's List
  • Courtney Hogan, President's List
  • Maya Lake, President's List
  • Alexis Motzko, Dean's List
  • Mackenzie Nelson, President's List
  • Keegan Nevala, President's List
  • Jayde Petersen, President's List
  • Savana Richter, President's List
  • Mallory Ritari, Dean's List
  • Aysha Shahin, President's List
  • Hunter Skaro, President's List
  • Keegan Wattenhofer, Dean's List


  • Kallee Abbas, Dean's List
  • Sarah Barrett, Dean's List
  • Luke Funk, Dean's List
  • Erika Gilb, President's List
  • Ashley Hull, Dean's List
  • Olivia Leslie, Dean's List
  • Kelsie Lindaman, President's List
  • Jailyn Manuel, President's List
  • Veronica Tappe, Dean's List


  • Hannah Hinman, Dean's List
  • Mechelle Howieson, President's List
  • Amy Ismil, President's List
  • Robert Ismil, President's List
  • Avery Johnson, President's List
  • Lynnette Kern, Dean's List
  • Dalton Moyer, President's List
  • Ryan O'Bar, Dean's List
  • Mary Winter, Dean's List


  • Casey Bounds, Dean's List
  • Nichole Bowman, Dean's List
  • April Damlo, Dean's List
  • Somer Davison, Dean's List
  • Kacie Haataja, President's List
  • Wyatt Hamann, President's List
  • Jasmine Heikkila, Dean's List
  • John Heppner, President's List
  • Taydin Holmer, Dean's List
  • Breh Hopp, Dean's List
  • Kayla Kephart, President's List
  • Lydia Lillquist, President's List
  • Brandon Lorentz, President's List
  • Nicole Miller, Dean's List
  • Joseph Orsello, Dean's List
  • Alexandra Rach, Dean's List
  • Isaac Ries, President's List
  • Vanessa Schaefer, Dean's List
  • Kaitlyn Schneider, Dean's List
  • Kylee Smith, Dean's List
  • Matthew Steege, President's List
  • Devin Sunstrom, Dean's List
  • Donna Sworski, Dean's List
  • Nicole Wehry, Dean's List


  • Colton Jacob, Dean's List
  • Tiger Johnson, President's List

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