Slow down, pay attention and be patient — this is the message Pillager Area Fire and Rescue sought to share in a post on social media over the weekend.

The department responded to a rear-end crash involving injuries 10:13 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, on Highway 210 east of Pillager, in which one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance. On Facebook, fire and rescue personnel shared observations of its responders at the scene. Among those were drivers using cellphones, excessively speeding up once through the crash area, failing to pull over and stop for emergency vehicles and displaying impatience with traffic controllers.

“When asked to slow down, one older gentleman was, well, a bit rude to say the least (basically he wasn’t gonna be told what to do & rolled up his window on the traffic controller),” the post stated. “ … On the way to the scene, it was noticed ONLY 6 VEHICLES pulled over & STOPPED.... Not pulled over & kept driving at highway speeds. And, there’s always one car that can’t believe everyone is pulling over so he/she can keep on going! It’s like the waters are parting for them! How nice....”

The department said it chose to share its experience during crash response not only to keep the public safe, but also to keep its volunteer firefighters safe. It implored people to slow down, pay attention, use their mirrors and keep their emotions in check with traffic controllers.

“Do you think we like sitting in traffic??? No!! We do everything we can to get you moving again,” the post stated.

While sharing frustration with those who created safety hazards, the post also thanked those who help by following laws and reacting appropriately.

“You can tell which folks have been involved in EMS/towing/roadside assistance services (or have loved ones who are). They put on their flashers, slow down, give the traffic controller a wave or nod & literally set the pace for the line behind them. We, incidentally, really appreciate these drivers!

“… So, thanks so much to the ones who slow down, move over and give a wave or tip ‘o the hat. We see you. We appreciate you. We hope others follow your suit.”

As of Sunday evening, the post had more than 2,400 shares, with 1,300 users reacting and 102 comments made.