Before the Tuesday, June 11, regular meeting, the Pine River City Council held a public hearing to address a conditional use permit application for a daycare on Park Avenue. The council approved the CUP at the regular meeting.

The city did receive feedback concerning the CUP. Lara Royer, who lives in that neighborhood, said she was concerned about children in the daycare being noisy. She said one of the advantages to living in that neighborhood is the quiet atmosphere. Letters the city received also addressed the potential of added noise, as well as street parking.

The applicant said that while some people may park on the street temporarily, her home also has ample space in the driveway. She said her property is near the park and a playground and is surrounded by fence. She said it is unlikely that the children's scheduled outside time would pose too much of a nuisance.

Mayor Tamara Hansen reiterated that the applicant's property is close to the park and there are already families with children living on that same street. Hansen asked what neighbors on that street would expect the city to do if someone moved in next door with six children of their own.

Hansen said the council could include parking conditions in the CUP.

In other business June 11, the council:

• Agreed it would consider sharing costs to update the city's Christmas lights that are hung from the light poles throughout the city around Christmas. This agreement does not commit any funds, but indicates the city is willing to work with the Pine River Chamber of Commerce to seek replacements and possibly reach an agreement on products that both parties could work to purchase. Future action would need to be taken to approve the purchase.

• Granted approvals for the annual Summerfest event organization, including closure of sections of street for vendors and family games and use of the city's electric generator.

• Approved renting the shelter at the park near the dam to Riverview Church for an outdoor worship service Sunday, Aug. 11. The church anticipates more than 200 attendees.

• Approved a beer garden license for the Pine River American Legion during the Cass County Fair, this year extending the license through Sunday for mud runs.

• Approved a food vendor license to a company selling shaved ice, with conditions. Because of the way the business operates, it does not require approval from the state Department of Health, but the council requested that a statement to that effect from the department be submitted along with proper approval from any department that does have authority over this business, in this case believed to be the Department of Agriculture.