A 71-year-old Brainerd woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries after she was bitten a couple of times on her arms Thursday, May 16, by a German shepherd in the city of Brainerd.

The Brainerd Police Department was called at 12:29 p.m. to a dog bite incident on the 1200 block of Southeast 11th Street. Brainerd Police Deputy Chief Mike Bestul said officers arrived and learned the dog was on a long leash in its yard when it bit the woman on her property. The woman went to a hospital by private vehicle.

Bestul said the dog bites caused puncture wounds to the woman.

The dog's owner was cited for not having the dog licensed within the city of Brainerd. The dog also was taken to Heartland Animal Heart Rescue, to be quarantined, as the owners did not have vaccination records for the dog. According to the city's animal public safety ordinance, a dog owner has seven days to present a certificate of vaccination to the city. Failure to do so would be deemed a violation.

According to the ordinance under "person bitten by animal: "Any animal that has not been inoculated by a current rabies vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian and which has bitten any person, wherein the skin has been punctured or the services of a doctor are required, shall be confined in an appropriate location for a period of not less than 10 days, at the expense of the owner.

"The animal may be released at the end of such time if healthy and free from symptoms of rabies, and by the payment of all costs by the owner."

The city ordinance also states if the veterinarian determines the dog is rabid, the animal should be euthanized.

Bestul said the owners also were given a notice for having a potentially dangerous dog.

Police continue to investigate the incident to determine if any further violations will be cited.