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Crow Wing County distributes $1,235,736 from timber, land sales

The Crow Wing County Board approved the distribution of $1,235,736 in 2018 surplus revenues generated from management of tax-forfeited lands at its regular meeting Tuesday, March 12. The funds were generated from the sale of tax forfeited properties and the sale of timber on county managed tax forfeited lands. Under the approved allocation, local cities, townships, and school districts will receive $370,721.

"Over the past five years, nearly $5 million in revenue from county managed lands has been generated for local governments," said Ryan Simonson, environmental services supervisor.

"These dollars reduce tax levy spending by covering forest management costs and adding dollars to the county general fund. The funds also reduce local tax burdens by providing revenue to schools, cities, and townships within the county."

Local school districts will receive a total of $247,147. Cities and townships will receive a total of $123,573. By statute, the county recreation fund will receive $123,573, and $494,294 will be added to the county capital building fund with an additional $247,147 being added to the county general fund.

Exact amounts to be distributed are based upon revenue linked directly to parcels located within individual taxing districts where any land or timber sales occurred, and are apportioned by percentages established in state statute.

The county manages 105,000 acres of land for clean water, healthy forests, and diverse recreational opportunities for multiple users. County forest lands are third party certified to strict environmental standards.