Minnesota winter - what's not to love? Despite the extreme temperatures, we have had a fun and exciting session of community education classes.

We are fortunate in the Pine River-Backus area to have so many remarkable community-oriented people willing to brave the cold to share their talents and interests with each other. I want to share a little bit about what community education is in our community and how you can become more involved.

Community education in Pine River-Backus

Pine River-Backus Community Education provides an opportunity for local citizens of all ages to join in active partnership with the school, agencies and institutions in the district to address lifelong education and community concerns.

This is done by providing classes and other activities/programs that enhance, educate, entertain, enlighten and enrich our community. Such activities are geared to meet the needs of our community and improve the quality of life for all.

Community education creates a bridge that allows for increased involvement of parents, businesses and community members with the local school system.

Opportunities for involvement

Every community is unique and rich with local culture and talent. PR-B Community Ed programs are possible because of the people who live, work and enjoy life here. Are you interested in teaching a class or taking one with a friend? Here are some ways to get involved and be part of our community.

Afterschool youth enrichment programs

After school programs keep kids safe, help working families and inspire students to learn. Community Ed provides a variety of youth sports and recreational activities for K-12th-grade students at affordable rates. Youth enrichment classes allow for students to be creative and express themselves while adding to their educational experience outside of school hours. Enroll your child or take a class with them today.

Adult education & enrichment

Community education programs meet the interests, needs and wants of the traditional and non-traditional learners. We have a flexible lineup of opportunities to increase lifelong learning in our community. Activities can include online classes, recreational and general interest classes, cultural enrichment, art and heath/wellness classes, as well as seasonal offerings for all community members.

The Adult Basic Education program meets every Wednesday night and prepares individuals to test for the GED. ABE also offers opportunities to improve your reading, writing, math and other life skills.

Community partnerships & advisory council

PR-B Community Education also works in partnerships between the school, businesses and community organizations. This collaboration creates unlimited possibilities and keeps businesses and organizations in touch with our community. Partnerships enrich education and open students' eyes to the community around them.

PR-B Community Ed Advisory Council: Each board must provide for an advisory council to consist of members who represent various service organizations; churches; public and nonpublic schools; local government including elected officials; public and private nonprofit agencies serving youth and families; parents; youth; park, recreation or forestry services of municipal or local government units located in whole or in part within the boundaries of the school district; and any other groups participating in the community education program in the school district.


Both our community and school benefit by the involvement of parents, community members, businesses, organizations, senior citizens, students or other individuals who give their time and experience to support community education.

It is important to volunteer and become part of your community. Your personal commitment helps to provide the many resources needed to run a successful community education program. Many programs would not be possible without volunteers. We are always looking for instructors, coaches, and advisory council members. This is your opportunity to make a difference in our community.

A big thank you to all of the people who are already involved in community education programs. If you took a class or taught one, if you made that extra trip into town so your child could be involved in an extracurricular activity, or stayed and helped coach it, thank you! Community education is only possible because of you and your willingness to share, teach and explore your interests and new ideas with others.

I would like to invite you to call PR-B Community Ed at 218-587-2080 and explore the opportunities in our community.