WALKER-Though Cass County property foreclosures in the fourth quarter of 2018 were slightly higher than 2017, the full year totals dropped from 30 in 2017 to 25.

The number of foreclosures has declined annually from the 47 filed in 2015.

In 2018, the 25 included 13 homesteads, two agricultural properties, nine cabins and one commercial. All but the two agricultural properties were valued under $400,000. The agricultural properties were each worth over $1 million.

One foreclosed property was located at Cass Lake, seven were in central Cass and 11 were located in southern Cass between Pine River and Pillager.

The number of arms-length property sales in 2018 increased from 1,110 in 2017 to 1,121 in 2018. This is up from a low number in 2009 of 570, but still well below the peak of 1,581 in 2004.

Assessor Mark Peterson said overall sales prices appear to be up in 2018, but there has been a wide variation even on the same lake, where a differential can be $100,000 apart between two home sales.