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Festival put the 'Pit' in Pitooey

Keean Kerger of Pequot Lakes puts the "pit" in pitoooey during the pit spitting contest at the Pequot Lakes Chokecherry festival. Aug. 4.1 / 3
The Pequot Lakes Chokecherry festival had games for all ages, including the youngest attendees.2 / 3
The Back Seat Driver game was popular at this year's Chokecherry Festival on Aug. 4.3 / 3

In spit(e) of the threat of rain, the annual Chokecherry Festival in Pequot Lakes was booming. The pit spitting contest, a popular attraction, brought many people of all ages to try and break the 34 foot record in spite of the inevitable dry mouth that comes with chewing chokecherries.

In addition, the back seat driving game and other competitions provided entertainment enough for people of all ages.

The culinary contest winners from this year in four categories included Brambleberry Farms' Chokecherry Syrup, Connie Jenson's chokecherry thumbprint cookies, Jenson's chokecherry cordial in the wine category and Molly Ring won in the originality category for her chokecherry vinaigrette.