Jill Arendt is the director of student life at Crosslake Community School, a brand new position.

The school board decided in February to hire a dean of students to assist Director Todd Lyscio with student affairs.

At the board's Monday, May 14, meeting Lyscio said he wanted to call the position "director of student life" instead, as he had heard of that term being used at another school and felt it had a more positive connotation than "dean of students."

"I like this title 'director of student life' because I think it gets at more of what I know I personally would hope this position brings, which is an emphasis on ... culture, how kids treat one another, attendance, things that go beyond simply doing referrals and writing up reports on discipline," Lyscio said.

Marketing subcommittee

The board agreed to create a marketing subcommittee at the school after board chair Lori Scharenbroich presented a proposal.

The goal of this group, Scharenbroich said, would be "to create, execute and ensure accountability for revenue-generating activities of the school." Her proposal suggested the committee be made up at least of one board school member, one K-4 teacher, one 5-8 teacher, and one high school teacher.

Board member Jeremy Max suggested having the subcommittee work with those who are in charge in of the school's various Facebook pages, since social media is a big marketing tool.

In other business Monday, the board:

• Discussed offering the option for families to pay fees - such as lunch - with a credit card, as the school doesn't currently accept them. Board members agreed they wanted to pursue the idea, and Lyscio said the software and membership costs through RevTrak would be about $359 year. He will gather more information to move forward with the process.

• Heard the school's proposed pre-kindergarten program is likely to be approved by the Audubon Society of the Northwoods - the school's authorizer. Lyscio said 18 families are interested in the program right now.

• Approved several personnel hires: Heidi O'Brien, pre-kindergarten teacher; Beverly Loeffler, Title I/district assessment coordinator; Mara Powers, grades 3-4 teacher (previously special education); and Kathy Faust, director of food services, which is a new position for the school. Lyscio said the school has also posted for a new special education teacher and hopes to fill the position soon.

Board member Kysa Corbett did not attend.