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PR-B Family Center: Variety of services offered

I am constantly getting phone calls for a free vacation or credit fixers or for support of organization X. When the same thing started on my cell phone, I was doubly annoyed.

I hope you do not put us in that category when I am asking for support for the Pine River-Backus Family Center. I see it as an entirely different scenario. We are talking about real issues that are being addressed that affect your community directly.

Some issues are continuous like food insecurity or energy needs. Some are preventive issues like drug, tobacco and other drug teen usage or family planning for new moms-to-be. Some are simple needs like faxing, emailing, copying or computer use.

We have the resources to connect you to SNAP, Bi-CAP, housing, workforce center and social services. Our MNsure navigator helps with insurance needs. We are meeting family's health needs with Child and Teen Check-ups or the Women, Infant, Child programs.

And these are just a short list of what is happening at the PR-B Family Center.

Becoming a board member was a big step for me. I was not sure if I had that "right stuff" to contribute to the growth and support of the family center. We all have different skill sets, and the variety of community members on the board adds to the effectiveness.

Volunteering for the food shelf and family center makes me feel like I am making a difference. Doing the job is made easier by being able to work with like-minded people. It is also fun to make new friends.

Christmas for Kids is right around the corner, and the food shelf is packing special boxes for holiday dinners. Please send donations to P.O. Box 1, Pine RIver or drop by 245 Barclay Ave. for a cup of joe. Questions? Call 218-587-4292.