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Cass County sheriff offers tips to identify door-to-door scams

In response to a Cass County District Court case where a person was sentenced on a charge of felony theft for receiving payments for merchandise that was never delivered, the Cass County Sheriff's Office encourages business owners and individuals to use caution when working with door-to-door and other sales representatives.

The sheriff's offices shares the following tips:

• Never respond to unsolicited offers of service or sales of an item.

• Always ask for identification and contact information.

• Be sure to look up the company's contact information in a phonebook or online. Do not use the number listed on the individual's business card, as it may be fake. Study and research reviews for the product or company in which you are being solicited.

• Ask the person to leave their information and return next week. This will give you plenty of time to verify their credentials and the validity of the visit.

• Be extremely cautious with down payments for products or services to be received. Never pay with cash and always obtain a receipt.

• Be cautious of people who demand immediate and upfront payment, even partial payments.

• Tell your neighbors and other area business owners about any unusual experiences you have had or observed. This could help them avoid becoming victims of potential scams as well.

• Report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency, including as much information as possible.