Just about a year ago, the Crosslakers were holding a series of town meetings asking residents for their ideas about the future of Crosslake. At the third such meeting these ideas were all posted on the walls at Zorbaz, and participants were given a set of sticky dots and asked to "vote" on the ideas they liked the best.

The results of this "dotocracy" and others were sent to the Minnesota Design Team, a cross section of professionals representing education, finance, urban planning, architecture, etc., to evaluate when developing a set of recommendations for the citizens of Crosslake to consider. Those recommendations came later in the summer.

When the recommendations were made, the design team emphasized that they were only thought starters. Whether they became reality would be up to the citizens of Crosslake. The ideas could be embraced, modified or ignored. Some would require the approval of local government bodies and some would not. Some would be very expensive to implement while other would be relatively inexpensive.

Now that a year has passed, the Crosslakers are eager to share with the public an update on just where they are on the ideas from the design team that had enough public support to move forward.

So they are holding an event called "Crosslakers: Did You Know?" on Thursday, Aug. 10, at 5:30 p.m. at Zorbaz, just about a year to the day where the third public meeting was held in 2016.

This free event is open to the public and will be an opportunity to learn about the progress that has been made and to offer suggestions on where the group can go from here to make Crosslake a better place to live.

Topics that will be discussed include:

• An explanation about how Crosslake was picked by the Minnesota Design Team and what the role of the team has been in this project.

• The possibility that a National Loon Center could be built in Crosslake. While this was certainly the most ambitious idea to come from the design team, some very positive things have happened over the past few months that the Crosslakers are eager to share with the public.

• The probability that Crosslake will soon have a new dog park. A Crosslakers working group has found that a dog park is a very attractive feature for a community to offer and, in fact, people from Crosslake are now taking their dogs to nearby communities to take advantage of their dog parks.

• The city of Crosslake is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan. The Crosslakers are involved in this process and, in fact, the Crosslakers' operating principles have been imbedded into the plan. Learn how that will impact the plan.

• Walkability, or the ability of people to walk around town safely, is another critical amenity people look for when choosing a place to live. The Crosslakers partnered with local Realtors on a project to improve local walkability. Learn how at the meeting.

• The Crosslakers have been advocates for good public policy on projects like new workforce housing and building a new charter school. The group will provide an update on both efforts.

• Nothing is more important to this community than water quality. The Crosslakers will explain people's role in keeping waters clean.

The group also wants to hear others' ideas on what areas it has overlooked and to give people an opportunity to join the all-volunteer organization.