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3-year-old boy found shivering uncontrollably outside after walking out of home

ST. PAUL - A 3-year-old boy left his St. Paul home early Sunday, when the temperature was 14 degrees below zero with a 33 below wind child, and officers who responded to a call about him found him shivering uncontrollably.

“Thank goodness somebody found this kid,” said Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman.

Paramedics took the child to a hospital, where he was found to be OK, Linders said.

A 49-year-old woman saw the child walking in an East Side street about 2 a.m. Sunday. She called 911 after she found him trying to get into the Roosevelt Community Center.

The boy was wearing pajamas, boots and a hat, Linders said.

Officers who responded to the call saw a woman run from a nearby apartment. It was the boy’s mother, frantically looking for her son, Linders said. The woman had arrived home minutes before and was concerned to find the front door open. She went to her son’s room, found him missing and immediately began searching for him, Linders said.

The woman reported that the child’s father was supposed to be watching him. She had called him when she was on her way home and he told her he would need to leave because his ride would soon be there, according to Linders. Officers noted in the report that they were not concerned about the child being neglected, that it appeared the child had decided to go outside on his own, and they did not see a need for further law enforcement involvement, Linders said.