The Crosslake School Board accepted a $25,000 grant to go toward technology improvements during its Monday, Oct. 10, meeting.

Bill Eckles, CEO of BEVCOMM - one of the companies that recently bought Crosslake Communications - presented the grant to board chair Lisa Schumacher at the beginning of the meeting. Eckles explained how BEVCOMM has a foundation that tries to help with economic development in the communities it serves.

"We stretched that definition of economic development to include some of the local schools," he said. "And now that we're affiliated with Crosslake, Crosslake Communications was able to sponsor a grant application on behalf of your school."

Crosslake Community School Director Todd Lyscio said the grant will provide the school with opportunities it would not otherwise have.

"We have started kind of a wish list with the staff, and we'll work with the technology committee," Lyscio said. "There are a couple big ticket items on there that this gives us an opportunity to do that we wouldn't have otherwise probably put into the budget at this point."

The board also discussed the 2016-17 performance goals for Stacy Bender, director of online learning. Bender is eligible for a stipend in addition to her pay if she meets certain outlined goals.

Those goals include increasing part-time student enrollment and obtaining an 80 percent satisfaction rating from a survey parents and students will take in the spring. Lyscio will evaluate Bender at the end of school year and recommend to the board whether or not he thinks she should receive the stipend based on how well she meets the specified criteria.

In other business Monday, the board:

• Approved the 2016-17 World's Best Workforce plan that outlines specific goals the school must work toward.

• Heard Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant has begun its Moonlite Mondays. The restaurant will donate 25 percent of its sales from 3-9 p.m. every Monday for the rest of the year to Crosslake Community School. The initiative started Monday, Oct. 10.

• Approved a stipend of $1,139.60 per trimester for physical education teacher Lisa Schumacher due to her increased course load.

• Heard the school's enrollment is at 201 students. Fifty-nine are enrolled in the online high school program, while 142 are in kindergarten through grade eight.

Community representative Karen Larson was not in attendance.