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Browser: Pie on Park

Friends and neighbors,

I firmly believe Marie Antoinette should have said, "Let them eat pie." The starving masses would have been nourished. And speaking of pie, "Pie on Park" is coming right up. It will be Friday, August 5 th . We need pie bakers. This isn't hard. I'd do it myself if I had apposing thumbs, but I do not. Think of a flavor. Get instant crust at the store if you don't have your grandmother's recipe. Either fill said crust with fruit or bake it first and then add pudding and whipped cream. Either way, pie is the food of choice for the masses!

Not enough sugar that weekend? The following day, Saturday, August 6 th , is the cupcake wars. Entries must be turned in to the library by July 29th . Information can be found at under "Projects". This is a fun and silly event. It makes me smile. So many creative ideas.

Bake, bake, bake.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat