Park Rapids man faces additional charges for calling victim from jail


PARK RAPIDS - A Park Rapids man who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female and then chasing and swinging a sword and hatchet at a man who intervened, is now facing additional charges for calling that same woman 76 times from jail.

Wayne Lee Patton, 49, faces five more felonies of violating a no-contact order, in addition to the three assault felonies he was charged with last month.

According to a complaint filed with Becker County District Court, a domestic abuse no-contact order was issued June 20 following the alleged assault that prohibited Patton from having contact with the woman. The complaint states on July 2, a Becker County investigator monitoring phone calls heard Patton ask a female if the “OFP was off”, referring to an Order for Protection. The investigator checked the number and discovered it belonged to the protected female. He also noted that Patton had called from a pre-paid card and that he had called the protected woman 76 times between June 21 and July 5.