The Minnesota Design Team selected Crosslake and will visit the city Sept. 15-18.

The Crosslake Economic Development Authority (EDA) submitted an application to the Minnesota Design Team, which is a professional organization that helps cities identify future direction by creating a visual perspective. The EDA had received a grant from the Initiative Foundation to submit the application.

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Over two years ago, many residents were involved in the Boomtown initiative. Out of those meetings came seven goals for the city:

• Crosslake is open for business.

• Physical expansion of the railroad museum.

• Sign ordinance update and outreach.

• Improve street lighting on Route 66.

• Specify intentional design, style and character of community.

• Develop activities and programs to engage kids.

• Expand and link attractions, including Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway, railroad museum and Crosslake Historical Society.

Some of these goals have been accomplished. Planning and zoning hosted a workshop to inform the private sector of the new ordinance re-write. However, it still may be difficult to put all this together into one vision.

That is where the Minnesota Design Team comes in. Its mission statement is "to use design and community development principles to help Minnesota communities - particularly those in rural areas - develop and act upon a shared vision for the future."

The Minnesota Design Team will help Crosslake develop a strategy to build on its 2014 goals, identify new ideas and bring plans to fruition.

This project is an opportunity for every resident, business owner and community organization to have a voice in the growth of Crosslake. It will be a busy summer as the city prepares to take advantage of a specialized team ranging from architects, city planners, landscape architects and allied professionals to guide the city through to its own unique vision.

For more information or to join the project team, call Crosslake City Hall at 218-692-2688.