Pine River-Backus (PR-B) High School Principal Trent Langemo will leave the district at the end of his contract June 30 to become high school principal at Kasson-Mantorville High School in southern Minnesota.

"It was an opportunity that presented itself with an offer to grow professionally in an area of the state where we spent almost 10 years," Langemo said. "We felt it was the right time for our family to explore that opportunity."

Langemo started at PR-B in July 2011 after a year as dean of students and activities director at Kingsland Public Schools in Spring Valley, seven years as a teacher and coach at Kingsland, and two years teaching in Alexandria.

Langemo shows particular fondness for his time at PR-B, however short.

"We have been incredibly lucky to work with an amazing, talented, caring and professional team at Pine River-Backus," Langemo said. "We have been welcomed as a family and supported as we've tried to make this high school the best it could be. I can't speak enough about the support we received from staff, students, parents and community members. We have been fortunate to work together to make a difference for kids. I feel good about that. It's been the most fulfilling four years of our lives, personally and professionally."

Langemo made the announcement official April 29 at a staff meeting. Since that time, he said the staff and community have been supportive.

"A lot of touching base with people. A lot of people stopping in. A lot of nice and kind words from people, and that has been very meaningful for me and my family because we enjoyed our time here," Langemo said.

The Pine River-Backus School Board held an emergency meeting to discuss seeking a replacement, but Langemo's resignation won't be final until he submits a resignation letter for approval at the May 18 regular board meeting.

"There are great students here; parents, families and the entire community should feel proud," Langemo said. "I have just been lucky to be here, and I'm grateful for the support and leadership of (superintendent) Cathy Bettino and the hard work and dedication of all staff."