Crosslake Community School students - grades 1 through 4 - spent an hour on Thursday, March 12, learning the best ways to prevent an abduction, bullying or sexual assault through radKIDS personal empowerment safety education.

The course was taught by Crosslake music teacher Kate Davis and her husband, Crow Wing County Deputy Mike Davis. Their radKIDS training was funded by the Dru Sjodin Foundation.

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"They were pretty motivated today," Mike Davis said after teaching the third- and fourth-graders. "That was probably the best group we've had."

According to Davis, more than 300,000 children in North America have been trained through radKIDS, and the training has saved the lives of more than 160 children.

RadKIDS, a not-for-profit organization, is intended to teach children to face fear and confusion in a dangerous situation with confidence and personal safety skills.

Students were taught to speak in a loud voice when a stranger approaches, shouting "No!" or "You're not my dad!" In the event that stranger would grab them, the students were taught the best ways to fight back, targeting the eyes, nose and groin of an assailant.

Along with the physical training, students were taught that this training should be used only in such situations, and should never be used during horseplay with friends or siblings.

"They learned that you don't have the right to hurt anyone, unless they are trying to hurt you," Kate Davis said. "This is for defense only."