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RREAL continues partnership with Conservation Corps Minnesota

The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL), in partnership with Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa (CCMI) and AmeriCorps, will host two solar educators for 2015.

RREAL's solar educators are vital to delivering solar education to a broad audience throughout Minnesota. The solar educators also will be involved in building capacity for RREAL's solar assistance program.

CCMI's mission of "Restoring resources, changing lives" is achieved through its goals of conserving energy and environmental stewardship. This mission fits well with the ideals and work of RREAL to make solar accessible to people of all income levels. Conservation Corps and RREAL have been working together for four years. This partnership provides opportunities for young professionals to gain knowledge, skills and experience in solar energy, while at the same time supporting RREAL's Solar Assistance and Education & Outreach Programs.

RREAL's solar educators, Nick and Tyler, will work closely with RREAL's solar assistance clients from engaging them in the application process to providing education on how to use their new solar energy systems, which empowers them to be more self-sufficient.

Through education and outreach, Nick and Tyler will work with rural low-income farmers on using solar technologies as well as cultivate relationships with partner organizations such as area schools, community action agencies and affordable housing partners.

RREAL's solar educators will serve through the middle of December, as part of their 11 months of service. Organizations and schools that are interested in hosting a presentation are encouraged to contact RREAL at