“Weight Gain After Menopause: It’s Chemistry, Not Character,” will be offered virtually Thursday, June 4, by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center’s Menopause & Healthy Aging Center experts. Those who are interested may go to https://www.facebook.com/crosbycares/ at 4 p.m. to view the presentation.

Registered Dietitian Heather Erickson will discuss strategies to avoid weight gain after menopause. Participants will be able to ask their individual questions via chat and they will be answered by Erickson, Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. Rachel Cady, and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Melissa Goble.

The presentation is part of a series of workshops offered by CRMC’s Menopause & Healthy Aging Center in which ladies can learn what, why and how to manage weight change; mood swings/memory and concentration concerns; menstrual changes; sleep problems; sexual concerns/pain/libido changes; vaginal dryness; and taking care of yourself during menopause.

For more information about women’s health, visit https://www.cuyunamed.org/patient-care/womens-health.