Need to be motivated to start the week off on a healthy note? Just try one or more of three things to start the week off on the right path.

1. Contact lens wearers who find themselves waking up with their contacts still in may find they face more than bloodshot or extra dry eyes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes sleeping with contacts left in raises the risk for infection whether people leave contacts in overnight or during naps or falling asleep. Infections can lead to vision loss, abrasions or dry eye issues.

2. At a buffet, cafeteria or potluck, load plate with healthy options first.

Dish up veggies and whole grains first, WebMD noted in a list of ways to control eating. Other options included paying for lunch with cash, use blue plates, distract yourself for five to 10 minutes before deciding to act on a craving and drink a glass of water instead first, keep snacks out of sight and off the counters so they are not the easy option after work or after school. At work, if snacks are in a drawer and not on the desktop, people tended to eat less.

3. Chew gum in the grocery store. WebMD offers gum chewing, which has been touted as a way to reduce temptations to overeat, but in this case a piece of sugarless gum is recommended while grocery shopping as a way to feel less hungry and have fewer junk-food cravings, based on two studies. Those who chewed gum while shopping bought fewer high-calorie snack foods and instead brought home more healthy options such as vegetables, WebMD reported.

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