We’ve combined Fall and Winter into one 48-page magazine.

Featured in this Issue:

• Artist Spotlight: Emali Jimenez - Painting

• Artist Spotlight: Lisa Cassman - Writing

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• Her Passion: Lifelong Learning - Students reunite with teacher more than 40 years later

• Her Story: Remember When

• Her Health: A Sincerely Grateful Heart 32

• Her Table: How Do I Cook With That? - Chicken & apple sausage, Oreo cookies, and Tortellini

• Her Career: Beautifying Churches Worldwide

• Her Family: Balancing Act - One could argue Mallori Sheik could add “juggler” to her growing resume of responsibility.

• For Her: Heart Smiles - In this season of uncertainty, Michelle’s column serves as a great reminder to be grateful for even the littlest things in life.

• Her Travels: Virtually Go Anywhere - Claudia Allene is an extrovert who loves adventure, meeting people and exploring off the beaten path.

• Her Technology: Mom, Technology and the New Normal - Jan Kurtz’s mom, Phyllis, has adapted to a new normal, embracing technology.