Her Voice - Spring 2020 issue

• Her Story: Liberated From Liberia

Whelma Dukuly DeKontee Hennesey has walked a path so extreme, it resembles a dramatic cinema thriller including a daring escape from Liberia.

On the cover— Photo by Joey Halvorson

• Her Career: Calming the Storm

Lainey Sandberg and Alesha Bates developed a nationally awarded curriculum.

• Her Travels: Where the Monarchs Go

Jan Kurtz fulfilled a lifelong dream to be surrounded by monarch butterflies.

• Her Community: BOLD Girls Camp

Stacy Germundson is on a mission to empower young women at the camp.

• Her Table: How Do I Cook With That? Jicama

• For Her: Fixing Life's "Leaky Faucets"

• Artist Spotlight: Brittany Petersen Jewelry

• Artist Spotlight: Linda Holliday Pottery

• Her Career: Women in Business

- Mikinzie Fox, Frandsen Bank

- Stacy Meyers, First National Bank

- Missy Norring, Belle Cheveux Salon

• Her Story: Remember When

• Her Passion: Embracing Our Elders