December has special significance to those of us living in the Northland. As daylight reaches its shortest duration we find ourselves bundling extra tight against the bitter winds and the temps that continue to plummet.

Within this season we celebrate Advent.

I must admit I don’t recall talk of Advent during my childhood. Perhaps it wasn’t given the same emphasis in my family or more than likely I was simply too self-focused to embrace the wonder of His gift.

Most “tribes” within the Christian faith give tribute to this season through the lighting of candles. Hope, peace, joy and love are stirred in our souls as we journey toward the final candle in remembrance of the birth of the Christ-child.

The biblical narrative paints a foreboding tale leading to the birth of Jesus. Imagine the stress of an unplanned pregnancy, last minute travel arrangements and housing needs. For many in our world this doesn’t require any imagination at all; it’s a part of our life story. Yet Mary and Joseph never doubted that He was born in the fullness of time under the Heavenly Father’s watchful eye.

Are you able to welcome new life with this same wonder? Every child is unique with varying temperaments and personalities, yet every child is a gift from our Father.

As you navigate the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season please remember to celebrate the young lives around you. Let them see the heart of our Savior expressed through the wonder of living for the pleasure of the King.

Enjoy the wonder of His unspeakable gift; live with your tank-full!