Faith: Join in prayer as a new school year begins


Dear friends - Do you remember what the first day of school was like for you?

I remember my first day of ninth grade as I was going to be starting at a new school. I was excited to go to the new school, yet when I walked into the building on that day, I wondered, "Did I make the right decision?"

I was able to get my locker open, find my classes and all was going well.

Then lunch time came. I went to my locker, put my stuff away and walked into the lunch room. It was huge and I was not sure where I was going to sit. I did not have my spot yet.

I remember having all kinds of thoughts going through my mind: What table was I going to sit at, who would welcome me at their table, and would I feel comfortable asking a group, "May I sit with you?"

I do not remember where I sat or whom I sat with that day, yet I do remember someone coming up to me and making the room seem not as scary that first lunch hour.

Have you had that experience? What was that like for you? Do you remember that person who came over and made that room seem not so big?

As a new academic year begins this week, I think about our youth, staff, teachers and administrators at our elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and Central Lakes College.

Would you join in praying for the staff, the teachers, the administrators and all who walk into our schools to teach our youth and young adults? Be with all who walk alongside of the students as they journey together this new academic year.

Would you join me in praying for the students who walk into our schools, that they have open hearts and minds that are open to the wonders of learning from each other and teachers?

We join in prayer: "Creator God - as a new academic year begins we pray for our schools and all who enter into them. May our schools be places of learning, wonder, growth and safety for all who enter the doors and classrooms. Be with the staff, teachers and administrators as they work together and work with their students. Be with the students as they each find people who will come alongside and walk this journey of this new year together." Amen

A very blessed academic year and fall to each of you.