Faith: Give thanks and a gift from your heart


Have you ever checked the price of rent in Manhattan, New York? In 2015, it was only $3,895 per month for a two-bedroom. In Brooklyn, the average home price is just under $800,000.

What are we all waiting for? Let's move to New York before the prices go up. LOL.

I would venture to say people in those areas wouldn't be financially challenged when buying Christmas presents. The only challenge they may have is what to buy someone. What gift can they buy that will communicate, "I love you?"

A girl came to the United States so she could learn to better communicate the English language. She was invited to live with a wealthy family in New York, and the family's only request was to do whatever they asked her to do. So, the first request was for her to record all the Christmas gifts the family received, and to send an acknowledgement of thanks.

She wanted to make sure she let the host family know how grateful she was for hosting her, but they received so many gifts, so what could she possibly give the family that they didn't already have?

She did receive a small allowance, but it certainly wouldn't buy another lavish gift for the host family. In her home country she never saw wealthy neighborhoods and expensive gifts. She felt overwhelmed by all the wealth and so far out of her comfort zone.

She decided to go shopping, with hopes of purchasing a modest gift to give. She found a gift,

had it wrapped in fancy paper and was ready to give it away, but it wouldn't be for her host family! She was "thinking outside the box."

She had the gift, so she asked someone to direct her to the poorest street in the city. She was told to go to Harlem or the Lower East Side. She didn't know how to get there. She started walking, and all of a sudden she heard a bell ringing and saw that it was a Salvation Army bell ringer. She asked the man to direct her to where she could go to visit a poor little girl, so she could give her a Christmas present.

The bell ringer and the girl got in a taxi, so he could direct her to his neighborhood. He would show her a poor little girl who "needed everything." When they arrived she said she couldn't deliver the gift because she didn't want to receive a thank you. She wanted the bell ringer to inform the poor little girl that the gift was from someone who "had everything."

On Christmas morning she gathered with her host family and she gave thanks for all the gifts given to her. She then informed them that she didn't have presents to give them. She then let them know that she had gone to a very poor neighborhood and gave a gift to a poor little girl. She said she reached out to that girl and did an act of kindness and generosity in their name, and that was her Christmas present to her host family.

The wealthy host family recognized that day that this humble girl, from a foreign land, certainly couldn't add anything more to their material blessings, but she could offer something of far greater value - a gift from her heart, which was priceless, and an act of kindness in that family's name.

It wouldn't seem possible that the girl from a foreign land could come and live with the wealthy family and have anything to offer that would be of significant value. But when she gave away her love, she brought the true spirit of Christmas into their lives. She showed the spirit of selfless giving.

With Thanksgiving upon us, and CHRISTmas a month away, will you give gifts of love? Do you give thanks often? How often do you thank Jesus for being the Savior born unto us? Jesus also died for you and prepares a place for all believers.

Jesus is your perfect gift for you. Do you believe and trust in Jesus, and have you accepted Jesus as your perfect gift?

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:13, "For whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved." Have you done that?

Don't wait another day, for only God knows if you have another day in this life!