Faith: Who gets seconds or thirds?


Bird lovers know! If you feed the birds in your yard, most likely you have noticed that when the feeders are full, all the birds come and go and get to eat.

However, when the feeders get close to empty, the bigger birds throw their weight around. Nobody pushes a big bird off the feeder. But that’s what the big birds do to the little birds.

Of course, it’s more subtle at the Thanksgiving table. We humans know how to get what we want, unless someone is watching. Then, we tend to take our turn. But, when things are scarce, surprisingly, there is often a compelling witness to folks making an effort to care for the “least of these."

During these days of the coronavirus, many have been forced to stay home and let go of their job and nurturing community so that the virus can be more quickly contained and hopefully eliminated. We are experiencing a life saving, cooperative effort between extreme governmental regulation and a private willingness to do what is needed to end this health crisis.

Time will tell how many lives have been saved by this extraordinary effort. Something there is that pulls us together in tough times!


Yes, it’s a thing outside ourselves that breaks in when we need it most! True, big birds and selfish humans can always eat their fill. Yet, the beauty of this external force, a benevolent virus, if you will, gives seconds, thirds and even fourths to those who just can’t compete . . . to those whom others have counted out . . . to those who need a break!

For me, this external force is none other than Jesus who has invaded our selfish human nature and opened our eyes to the reality that life is not fair!

Give it your best, my friends, give it your best ... for Jesus’ sake!

The Rev. Dr. Terry Frovik is a retired pastor.

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