Card Games: Oct. 5-8, 2021, in Ideal Township, Crosby and Crosslake

Play 500 Tuesdays at the Pine River American Legion, bridge Tuesdays and Thursdays at Ideal Town Hall and bridge Fridays at the Crosslake Community Center



1 p.m. Tuesdays

Pine River American Legion

Tuesday, Oct. 5

  • Carol Furnstahl 3690, Tom Jacobson 3660, Edie Watson 3530, Ken Schrupp 3450. Don Kruta won the door prize.



Ideal Town Hall

Tuesday, Oct. 5

  • North-South: Helen McGrath and Tom McGrath 121.5, Don McCormick and Lori McCormick 114, Enga Wodziak and Jean Freytag 111.

  • East-West: Bruce Peck and Joe Heal 126, Chris Brown and Diana Brown 108.56, Diane Schlichting and Mel Schlichting 98.44.

Thursday, Oct. 7

  • North-South: Terese Tullock and Tim Tulock 62, Nan Moran and Jo Bonestro 54, Enga Wodziak and Pat Nentl 49.5.

  • East-West: Diane Schlichting and Mel Schlichting 53, Joyce Roemer and Ruthann Gottwaldt 50.50, Roseann Stans and Clare Fulton 50.50, Bruce Peck and S.C. Blanton 48, Donna Fleer and Larry Fleer 48.


  • Bruce Peck 4160, Larry Fleer 2530, Tim Tullock 2510.

Crosslake Community Center
Friday, Oct. 8

  • Diane Schlichting 5820, Karen Kuritz 5480, Larry Fleer 4560.

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