One of our goals at the Pine River-Backus Family Center is to help people find a healthy lifestyle that can be easily managed.

The internet is chock-full of plans and choices from diets to exercise to self-care. It isn’t a natural occurrence to live healthy but something we have to choose and follow.

I looked up "live healthy" and found an article by Kim & Kaylee under Sorey Fitness that gave 10 points to consider that I found interesting.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet: We’ve heard this forever but just what is the right choice for your family depends on lifestyle and choices.

  2. Stay hydrated: I have a friend who pours eight glasses of water a day and places them on her counter to be sure she meets her quota.

  3. Give up smoking and limit alcohol: No explanation needed.

  4. Brush your teeth: Not just for sweet breath but to lower your heart risk, help with memory, reduce infections.

  5. Get enough sleep: Set up a routine of bedtime and rising time. You can never catch up.

  6. Exercise three to five days a week (30 minutes): There are plenty of at-home programs to use. The difference will be noticeable in a short time with added energy.

  7. Practice self-care, meditation: Reduces stress and allows time to center on self. Twice a day, put it on your schedule.

  8. Say no: Don’t overload yourself with commitments.

  9. Let go of negativity: Listen to good things, self-talk positively.

  10. Use protection: Not just in the bedroom but outside also. Take care of your skin with protection.

Boost your energy and alter your mood by taking care of yourself. Stressed over problems? Many resources for help are available at the Pine River-Backus Family Center. Call 218-587-4292.

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Kathleen Stephan is a volunteer at the Pine River-Backus Family Center.