ARIES: March 21/April 20

Aries, this week may start off somewhat unbalanced. Work may be demanding more of you, and you're finding it tough to even out the field. By midweek you'll regain control.

TAURUS: April 21/May 21

Make the necessary changes in your life to get back on target, Taurus. These goals may run the gamut from fitness to career. Put the future in focus.

GEMINI: May 22/June 21

You may be inspired to do something creative but don't know where to focus your attention just yet, Gemini. Look to Sagittarius as a good source of inspiration.

CANCER: June 22/July 22

Cancer, this week you may be unable to keep everything as organized as you would like. Take a cue from someone you know is always organized.

LEO: July 23/Aug. 23

Take control of a situation that comes to light this week, Leo. No one seems willing or able to grab the reins, but you can be an excellent leader in this situation.

VIRGO: Aug. 24/Sept. 22

Expand your social circles and you may meet some influential people, Virgo. This can help spread the word about your stellar reputation and open doors to opportunities.

LIBRA: Sept. 23/Oct. 23

Libra, after you get through an exciting event, life may slow down for a little while. But you can find plenty of ways to infuse some excitement into your days.

SCORPIO: Oct. 24/Nov. 22

You cannot seem to focus your attention on one thing for more than a few minutes, Scorpio. Random thoughts, however distracting, can inspire new ideas.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23/Dec. 21

Sagittarius, you may like to tackle projects all by yourself, but sometimes letting someone else get the job done frees up opportunities to recharge your batteries.

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22/Jan. 20

It may finally be time to get serious about getting out in the job market once more, Capricorn. Whether you're looking for a new job or returning after a hiatus, retool your resume.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21/Feb. 18

While success brings you many things, it can feel lonely at the top, Aquarius. Surround yourself with associates who can be a sounding board and offer assistance.

PISCES: Feb. 19/March 20

Take time to listen more and speak less, Pisces. Doing so allows you to make a better assessment of what those around you need and want.