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Card games: Aug. 20-24, 2018

500 scores

1 p.m. Tuesdays

Pine River American Legion

Tuesday, Aug. 21

Rich Davis, 4090; Curt Wohl, 3750; Ed Kloncz, 3520; John Holloway, 3320. Vern Wolkenhauer won the door prize.

Bridge scores

Monday, Aug. 20

Jenkins VFW, 11 a.m.

Dianne Lodin, 5750; Peter Graves, 4440.

Tuesday, Aug. 21

Whitefish Golf Club, 6 p.m.


North/South: Jim Thompson and Kerry Holloway, 140; Carol Lindahl and Greg Lindahl, 126; Lois Steffen and Charles Ready, 124.

East/West: Don Berglund and Sharon Berglund, 128; Rhys Price Jones and Emily Schuldt, 128; Shirley Bormann and Stan Bormann, 117.5; Teri Steffen and Pat Montgomery, 109.5.

Wednesday, Aug. 22

Maucieri's, 11 a.m.

Jim Thompson, 6500; Mike Slind, 5080; Donna Fleer, 4940; Louise Schrupp, 4480.

Thursday, Aug. 23

Ideal Town Hall, 6 p.m.


North/South: Jim Thompson and Teri Steffen, 138.5; Jean Freytag and Enga Wodziak, 126.5; Chris Brown and Diana Brown, 120.

East/West: Rhys Price Jones and Emily Schuldt, 125.5; Florence DeLong and Shirley Rhinehart, 124; Shirley Gronholm and Ardie Hjerpe, 122.

Friday, Aug. 24

Crosslake Community Center, 1 p.m.

Bill Herrick, 4610; Bruce Peck, 4360; Roseann Stans, 4060.

Anyone interested in joining any of the bridge games can contact Jim Thompson at 218-543-4688. Anyone interested in joining the bridge game at the Crosslake Community Center can call the center at 218-692-4271.