Rowdy is a lab mix, 5 months old, weighing 29 pounds. Rowdy is ready to find a home to grow up in. He will need a home that will potty train, teach him manners and help him grow up to be big and healthy. The puppies at the shelter do not go outside, so you are starting everything from the beginning. Puppies are lots of extra work, so a family that is ready for a lifelong commitment is what Rowdy needs. If you are ready for the fun experience of raising a puppy, come in and adopt sweet Rowdy.

This here is Felix. He is a short-hair neutered male orange cat, 1 year old. He is a very outgoing cat on the prowl for a window to curl up on. Felix enjoys any attention he can get. He would love to find a forever home that will allow him to run around and play all day. If you are looking for a cat with a great personality, this is the cat for you.