REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Board of Education, Independent School District #186, of Pequot Lakes, MN is seeking proposals from individuals having specific interests in the areas identified in this solicitation. Proposals will be accepted up until 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at which time proposals will be reviewed for the following for the 2023-2024 school year: 1. Construction Trades Class General Contractor and/or Persons of Interest Needed: Proposals for the period of September 5, 2023, through May 24, 2024, and involves general contractor oversight for the constructing of a house for educational purposes by the ISD #186 construction trades class. 2. The School District requests that the house to be constructed by I.S.D. #186 (hereinafter District) will be in accordance with plans as approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Building Code Representative. 3. Construction is expected to commence on or about September, 2023, and the estimated date for completion is the end of May, 2024. 4. All construction material purchases shall ultimately be the sole responsibility of the individual (hereinafter Contractor), regardless of whether initially ordered by, and delivered to Contractor or District. 5. It is understood the District is constructing said house for educational purposes and reserves the right to perform any and all work in order to meet its curricular needs. 6. Contractor shall deposit with District a non-refundable cashier’s check in an amount sufficient and agreeable between the District and Contractor. This cashier’s check shall be considered the district overhead for the project. The minimum overhead price in no event shall be less than $5,000. 7. District will take responsibility for heating the building, debris removal and required inspections. Contractor shall reimburse District promptly for such costs upon presentation of invoices. 8. District will make every attempt to provide reasonable notice to Contractor for the delivery of material and scheduling of contracting services (such as electric, drywall and plumbing). 9. District has scheduled the Construction Trades class from early afternoon until the end of the school day. It is understood that Contractor will not be present at the construction site during class time unless specifically requested to be present by District. 10. Contractor will be issued a key to the premises and will be allowed to be present at site outside of class times. 11. At the completion of the project, District will pay for the Compliance Certificate and Data Plate for the pre-fabricated building. Once the building is certified and complete contractor/owner will make prompt arrangements to have the house removed at Contractor’s expense. In no case will the house remain on District property after August 1, 2024. 12. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any informalities or irregularities in the proposals. 13. Interested parties shall email the proposal to: Heidi Hagen, School Business Manager The email subject line must be clearly marked “General Contractor Services Proposal – ISD #186 Construction Trades Class” (April 19 & 26, 2023) 214800