(Published in the Echo Journal, March 24, 2021, 1t.

(Published in the Echo Journal, March 24, 2021, 1t.)
Timothy Township is Now Seeking Mowing Services Quotes
Timothy Township is seeking quotes for mowing services at the Timothy Town Hall and Swanburg Cemetery in Swanburg for the 2021 mowing season, with services to include: mowing; bagging and dumping off site until Memorial Day (no bagging/dumping required the remainder of the mowing season); trimming and blowing.
Candidates must be able to perform mowing services once a week unless conditions are dry such that mowing is not necessary. The contractor will be solely responsible for providing all necessary personnel, equipment and tools, and obtaining any licenses that may be required to perform the mowing services.
Viable candidates will be independent contractors for all purposes and the town will not provide any training with respect to the skills needed to perform the services required.
The contractor must maintain insurance policies providing at least $250,000 of general liability coverage, carry workers’ compensation insurance at least in the amounts required by law, and provide the town with a current certificate of insurance certifying coverage before starting to provide services.
The Timothy town board reserves the right to reject any quote for any reason.
Please return notice of your interest and quote by April 7, 2021 to:
Loni Porta - Clerk