(Published in the Echo Journal, March 23

(Published in the Echo Journal, March 23, 30, 2022, 2t.) NOTICE AND ORDER OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION OF INTESTACY AND DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF CROW WING NINTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT PROBATE DIVISION Court File No. 18-PR-22-915 Estate of Karen Patricia Enberg, Decedent It is Ordered and Notice is given that on April 25th, 2022, at 9:30 a.m., a hearing will be held in this Court at 213 Laurel St #11, Brainerd, Minnesota, for the adjudication of intestacy and determination of heirship of the Decedent, and for the appointment of Bryan Krantz, whose address is 21425 Elaine Ln, Brainerd, MN 56401 as Personal Representative of the Estate of the Decedent in an unsupervised administration. Any objections to the petition must be filed with the Court prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper and if no objections are filed or raised, the Personal Representative will be appointed with full power to administer the Estate, including the power to collect all assets, to pay all legal debts, claims, taxes and expenses, to sell real and personal property, and to do all necessary acts for the Estate. Notice is also given that (subject to Minnesota Statutes section 524.3-807) all creditors having claims against the Estate are required to present the claims to the Personal Representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or the claims will be barred. BY THE COURT Dated: March 16th, 2022 BY THE COURT /s/ Heidi Davies Referee of District Court /s/ Dana R. Anderson Court Administrator /s/ Erica Castillo Deputy Attorney for Petitioner Mark A. Severson Severson Porter Law 319 South Sixth Street Brainerd, MN, 56401 Attorney License No: 0388914 Telephone: (218) 692-6999 FAX: (218) 829-0623 Email: