(Published in the Echo Journal, January

(Published in the Echo Journal, January 26, 2022, 1t.) ORDINANCE 2022-01 AN ORDINANCE ADDING SECTION §153.003 RULES AND DEFINITIONS – STORAGE SHEDS The Breezy Point City Council so Ordains: Section 1. Section §153.003 Storage Shed definition shall read as follows: 153.003 RULES AND DEFINITIONS - STORAGE SHED. An accessory structure erected for the purpose of storing miscellaneous personal property, containing no plumbing, no permanent foundation and not exceeding ten feet wide, 12 feet long and 12 feet high, inside dimensions and constructed of materials compatible with the principal structure. Roof overhang shall not exceed 18 inches. One (1) Storage Shed may be exempt from Impervious Surface calculations. Section 2. Effective date The ordinance becomes effective upon it passage and publication. Adopted this 3nd day of January 2022 by the Breezy Point City Council.