(Published in the Echo Journal, January

(Published in the Echo Journal, January 18, 25, 2023, 2t.) CITY OF JENKINS Notice of CITY COUNCIL Vacancy Notice is hereby given that the City of Jenkins has a vacancy on the CITY COUNCIL effective January 9, 2023. We are hereby seeking applicants to fulfill this term through January 7, 2025. An appointment will be made by the Jenkins City Council. Any individual who is eligible may apply by contacting City Hall for an application. Applications are available at City Hall, 33861 Cottage Avenue, Jenkins, MN 56474 or by calling 218-568-4637. The applications will be accepted until February 8, 2023. Applications will be reviewed and interviews may be conducted prior to making the appointment to fill the position. Dated this 9th day of January, 2023. /s/ Krista A. Okerman, City Clerk-Treasurer