(Published in the Echo Journal, February

(Published in the Echo Journal, February 8, 15, 2023, 2t.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS: FOREIGN PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE ACTING IN MINNESOTA STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF CROW WING DISTRICT COURT NINTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT FILE NO. 18-PR-23-175 In Re: Estate of David E. Jahn, Deceased. Notice is given that Leslie J. Wilbanks residing at 110 Elm Drive, Westminster, South Carolina 29693, and Michael G. Vranizan with mailing address at P.O. Box 77081, Seattle, Washington 98117, are the domiciliary foreign co-personal representatives (“Personal Representatives”) for the estate of David E. Jahn, a resident of the State of Washington. On January 11, 2023, the Personal Representatives filed with the Court a document stating an intention to exercise, as to assets in Minnesota, all powers of a local personal representative and to maintain actions and proceedings in Minnesota in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 524-4-205. Notice is also given that any Minnesota creditor who objects to the Personal Representatives’ exercise of power over assets in Minnesota must file a written objection within 60 days from the Personal Representatives’ filing. If no objections are filed, the Personal Representatives may, after the expiration of the 60 day period, exercise all powers of a local personal representative. Dated: January 30th, 2023 /s/ Dana R. Anderson Court Administrator /s/ Erica Castillo Deputy Attorney for Foreign Co-Personal Representatives: Yemaya Hanna, No. 0403598 Maslon LLP 3300 Wells Fargo Center 90 South Seventh Street Minneapolis, MN 55402 Phone: (612) 672-8246 Fax: (612) 642-4800 E-Mail: