ORDINANCE NO. 381 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE VI BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS FOR THE CITY OF CROSSLAKE COUNTY OF CROW WING STATE OF MINNESOTA The City Council for the City of Crosslake does ordain as follows: Sec. 2-156. – Public Safety Commission. A public safety commission is hereby established for the purpose of advising the council in all matters relative to the public’s safety through our police department, ambulance, fire department and any other area requiring attention for the well-being and safety of the city. The Public Safety Commission will be composed of up to 9 members to be appointed by the City Council. Members will include 2 - City Council Members, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, a representative from the current contracted ambulance service, and up to four residents of Crosslake. A Chairman will be selected by the Commission. The Commission will meet monthly on the first Wednesday at 9:00AM or an alternate date chosen by the Chairman in the event of a conflict in scheduling. It has been established as an advisory commission to recommend public safety policy direction to the City Council in matters concerning the Police, Fire, Ambulance Services, and other public safety concerns for residents and visitors. Duties 1. The Public Safety Commission shall strive to provide the best possible research, advice, and recommendations to the City Council or other appropriate Commission. 2. To represent the views of the citizenry relating to law enforcement and fire services plans, programs, and future needs, including equipment. 3. To work with citizens, elected and appointed officials, and professional staff to support the work of law enforcement, fire services, and ambulance services. 4. To review public concerns with roadways, sidewalks, trails, and the signage that impacts the safety of Crosslake citizens and visitors. 5. To address, review, and advise concerning other items presented to the Commission by the Police Chief, Fire Chief, or Ambulance Services Management. Passed by the City Council this 13th day of February, 2023 by a 5/5ths vote. ____________________________ David Nevin Mayor ATTEST: ____________________________ Michael R. Lyonais City Administrator (March 1, 2023) 198578