ORDINANCE 2023-02 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTERS 115: SHORT TERM RENTAL LICENSING OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES The Breezy Point City Council so Ordains: Section 1. Chapter 115 of the Code of Ordinances is amended as follows: 115.003 General Provisions and Requirements (G) Private Well System - Whereas the City of Breezy Point does not have a municipal water system therefore all Short-Term Rental Units are supplied from either a Private Well System or a Community Well System. A Community Well System is regulated separately by MDH and is not subject to the following requirements. (1) The Private Well System shall be identified by a unique identification number. (2) Documentation shall be provided that an annual water quality test has been performed for Coliform Bacteria and Nitrates. (3) Documentation shall be provided that the well has been tested for Arsenic, Morsury, Lead, Manganese and Sulfate within the last 10 years. Section 2. Effective date This ordinance becomes effective from and after its passage and publication. Adopted this 6th day of February 2023 by the Breezy Point City Council. /s/ Mayor Angel Zierden Attest: /s/ David C. Chanski, City Administrator/Clerk (Feb. 15, 2022) 194303