Kokoro Center for Music and Performing Arts in Hackensack needed a way for music students and concert-goers to find the turn to the new nonprofit music school and performing arts center.

There was an existing sign post and signs at the corner of Highway 371 and Lake Avenue in Hackensack, but no room for an additional sign for Kokoro.

Greg Webb, a 40-year veteran of the sign industry, offered his expertise.

"There was a bit of a design challenge. Swede needs an 8-foot clearance to plow underneath the signs at the Hackensack hardware corner. The only space available was on the post itself, below the existing signs," Webb said.

Webb's solution was to create a directional sign that would wrap around the sign post.

The donated sign is up just in time for the first "Express Yourself!" open mic at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10. The open mic is open to the public with signup is at 6:30 p.m. Participants can share songs, poetry or spoken word.

Coffee drinks and treats will be available for purchase at concessions.

"We are very grateful to Greg for his donation of time, artistic ability and materials for this beautiful sign," said Kokoro Executive Director Kiki Carter Webb. "We're happy for folks to have a good way to find us."

For more information, call 218-831-0942.