A former Pequot Lakes youth pastor and 2002 Pine River-Backus High School graduate has penned a book using his discussions with atheists to examine faith.

His book, titled “Without God: Science, Belief, Morality, and the Meaning of Life” is a product of author Zach Broom's attempt to better understanding the world view of those who viewed life differently from him.

“The book is largely the result of real-life conversations I had with atheists and agnostics while living in the Twin Cities, which led me to spend a few years reading popular atheist authors to try to better understand and engage with their world view,” Broom said.

Broom's writing examines belief and dependence on science and reason to improve the world and tackles views on the relevance of God in a modern world and evidence of the existence of a higher power.

Broom uses his own studies in philosophy, science, literature, reasoning and real life conversations to come to a conclusion.

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“Not only is there powerful evidence for God’s existence, but without Him, we cannot make sense of human experience,” Broom's Amazon synopsis reads. “If there is no God, most of what we intuitively believe about reality cannot be trusted, as God is the source of all meaning, rationality, truth, beauty, and goodness.”

Broom is the former youth pastor at Pequot Lakes Baptist Church.

"Without God" is available on Amazon in paperback, Ebook and audiobook form. The audiobook is also available on Audible and iTunes.