Local artist Lyn Carner has a debut exhibit on display at the Brainerd Public Library. The exhibit includes 11 pieces featuring various natural subjects and scenes in a variety of mediums.

Carner’s inspirations for her work include scenes from her travels, nature, hiking and experimenting with different mediums.

Carner began her journey as an artist when she took a painting class with Dorothy Dent in the early 1980s. She had always been interested in art and the class helped expand her knowledge of materials, brushes and working with oil.

The mediums used in Carner’s artwork on display at the library range from oil to acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and mixed medium.

Carner often paints with Sister Mary Zirbes at St. Francis in Little Falls. The painting on display, “Winter Sanctuary,” was done from a sketch that Sister Mary had provided and Carner has said she will gift a portion of the sale of that painting to the sisters.

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A photo from a friend, taken in Bayfield, Minnesota, was used to do a study in different mediums, with Carner using watercolor for “Spring Path” and acrylic in “Summer Path,” to paint the scene from the same photo.

When starting a piece, Carner will first sketch out the image on a piece of paper. Once she has it how she wants, then she will transfer it to a canvas prior to painting. The mixed medium piece, “Free Spirit,” would be great for viewing with another, she said, as its abstract quality lends to the ability for each viewer to notice something different.

Some have told Carner they see a woman dancing, others a ship, and still more details are described. The “Cascade Trail” painting, of one of the artists favorite hiking trails, has an almost three-dimensional aspect, as if you could step onto the trail yourself.

Visitors can enjoy Carner's artwork at the library through December. The exhibit is free of charge and is coordinated by the Brainerd Area Art Guild and the Brainerd Public Library. For more information, contact the library at 218-829-5574.