Six to vie for Miss Pequot Lakes crown

This year’s pageant will not be open to the public. It will take place Friday, April 23.

Miss Pequot Lakes candidates are Maya Orvis, Mollie Pierson, Marie Wallin, Jackalyn Fox, Kelsey Polchow and Sydnie Wgeishofski.

Community Action of Pequot Lakes will host the 34th annual Miss Pequot Lakes Scholarship Pageant at 7 p.m. Friday, April 23, in the Pequot Lakes High School auditorium.

This year’s pageant will not be open to the public.

Miss Pequot Lakes 2020 Sidney Dorion will crown one of six area high school candidates as the area’s newest royalty. Miss Pequot Lakes candidates are Jackalyn Fox, Maya Orvis, Mollie Pierson, Sydnie Wgeishofski, Marie Wallin and Kelsey Polchow.

Escorts for the candidates are Vanessa Fox, Claire Loge, Ashlyn Peterson, Sloane Knettel and Bella Brynteson, fourth-graders at Eagle View Elementary School, and Adelle Seeker, fourth-grader at Crosslake Community School.

The first appearance of the 2021 Miss Pequot Lakes royalty will be at the Pequot Lakes Fishing Opener Block Party in May.


Three judges will review each contestant’s information before the pageant, as well as conduct an initial one-on-one interview with them. At the event, the Miss Pequot Lakes contestants will be judged on presences in both casual wear and formal wear, as well as to their answers to an impromptu question and a talent performance.

The Miss Pequot Lakes candidates and escorts will perform an opening number at the pageant.

Mistress of ceremony will be Kimberly Ziesemer, Miss Pequot Lakes Scholarship Pageant director. Former Miss Pequot Lakes royalty will be a part of the pageant program. Opening speakers and pageant helpers are Gabby Ziesemer, Brea Eckes, Emilee Buell and Isabelle Ziesemer.

The Miss Pequot Lakes Scholarship Pageant provides generous prizes to all participants, thanks to the support of area businesses and individual sponsors. Scholarship amounts are: Miss Pequot Lakes, $4,000; Miss Pequot Lakes Princess, $2,000; and Miss Congeniality, $1,000.

Anyone wishing to still donate to the scholarship fund or to volunteer can call Kimberly Ziesemer at 218-851-2764.

Candidate information:

Jackalyn Fox (April 2021)


Jackalyn Fox, senior

  • Parents: James and Sheila Fox.
  • Career goal: To be an architect.
  • Talent: She will perform a dance.
  • Escort: Her sister, Vanessa Fox, also the daughter of James and Sheila Fox.

Maya Orvis (April 2021)

Maya Orvis, junior

  • Parents: Jim and Traci Orvis.
  • Career goal: Emergency room physician.
  • Talent: She will perform a trumpet solo.
  • Escort: Claire Loge, the daughter of Kirk and Taunya Loge.

Mollie Pierson (April 2021)

Mollie Pierson, senior

  • Parents: Vince and Tanya Pierson.
  • Career goal: Social science field.
  • Talent: She will give a speech presentation.
  • Escort: Ashlyn Peterson, the daughter of Brandon and Amber Peterson.


Sydnie Wgeishofski (April 2021)

Sydnie Wgeishofski, junior

  • Parent: Penny Wgeishofski.
  • Career goal: To become a pediatric nurse.
  • Talent: She will perform a juggling presentation.
  • Escort: Sloane Knettel, the daughter of Brady and Beth Knettel.

Marie Wallin (April 2021)

Marie Wallin, junior

  • Parents: Kristin Paine, and Michael and Sarah Wallin.
  • Career goal: To become a figure skating coach.
  • Talent: She will perform a figure skating presentation.
  • Escort: Bella Brynteson, the daughter of Billy and Cassie Brynteson.

Kelsey Polchow (April 2021)

Kelsey Polchow, junior


  • Parents: Craig and Nicole Polchow.
  • Career goal: To be a military nurse.
  • Talent: She will perform a Gouache paint presentation.
  • Escort: Adelle Seeker, the daughter of Drew and Gail Seeker.

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