After 21 years as owner of Pequot Lakes Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan Buell sold his business on Bergquist Drive near city hall and is pursuing other opportunities.

Buell looks forward to a change of pace as Dr. Josh Dietze, who recently moved here from Wisconsin, takes over the business.

Buell will start two new businesses from his home. First, he plans to work with attorneys and other chiropractors on workers’ compensation and auto injury cases, something he’s delved into over the years. Second, he’ll fill in for vacationing chiropractors. Buell is licensed in Minnesota and Iowa and will keep those licenses up to date.

“We’re not moving. We’re staying in town,” he said of himself and wife Patty, who works as the food services director for the Pequot Lakes School District.

Buell said it was a bit surreal after the sale was finalized.

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“We have a lot of very loyal patients in this office,” he said, noting he is excited for his next ventures and has complete confidence in Dietze.

Buell has been a chiropractor since 1995, and in Pequot Lakes since 1999. He started his career in northwest Iowa, where he grew up. Patty’s family owned property in the area, and they loved the area so decided to move here.

He started his practice in Pequot Lakes by leasing a small building that is now First National Bank, seeing just three people in his first week. After building up his practice, Buell moved to a small building on Government Drive (that is now Country Financial) from 2001-2007, when he moved to his current location. He’s treated more than 6,000 unique patients over his 21 years in business.

Dietze moved to Pequot Lakes with his young family last fall with plans to start a chiropractic business. He owned his practice in his hometown of Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, near Green Bay since 2014.

After doing his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Dietze graduated in 2013 from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He stayed in Davenport and did post-graduate work with extremities - ankles, knees, wrists - saying that’s his niche.

He then opened his first practice in his hometown in 2014.

The family has connections to the lakes area. Dietze has a friend who graduated from Pequot Lakes High School, and his wife, Abby’s, family vacationed in Hackensack.

They love the area and decided it was time to get away, he said. They moved to Nisswa with their two children - Mason, a first-grader, and Izzy, age 1.

“I opened a practice from nothing, so we were expecting to do that unless something came up. It was very much a leap of faith,” Dietze said.

Something did come up, and that was Pequot Lakes Chiropractic. The two doctors of chiropractic call their business deal fate.

Buell had elbow to shoulder surgery in 2013, and had contacted a broker in case he couldn’t return to work as a chiropractor. He was able to continue his work, but received a call from that same broker last October informing Buell that a chiropractor was moving to the area and asking if he was still interested in selling his practice.

“I was not looking at all to sell,” Buell said, when the broker approached him. “I’ve had other ideas and other things I wanted to do over time since that shoulder surgery.”

But he didn’t want to sell to just anyone, just as Dietze did not want to sell his practice in Wisconsin to just anyone. Each wanted someone they could trust to take over their loyal patients. Dietze found that person in Wisconsin, and Buell found that person in Dietze.

“Dr. Ryan is very well-known and very well-loved, and our philosophies match,” Dietze said.

Buell said he had no intention of leaving his practice in the hands of someone who wasn’t going to carry on its reputation and his treatment philosophy.

“We just clicked right away,” he said of Dietze. “Everything I’ve seen in the last week with Dr. Josh is me 17 years ago.”

Buell said obviously he’ll miss the people the most, as well as the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of helping people feel better immediately. He likes seeing people’s change in demeanor and attitude when they walk out the door.

He does look forward to the change of pace of being a business owner and a more flexible schedule.

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